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Roy Tennant
Senior Program Officer
OCLC Programs and Research
155 Bovet Rd, Suite 500
San Mateo, CA
94402 USA
707-287-5580 — Fax: 707-935-3428

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Have MacBook Pro, Will Travel

As a Senior Program Officer in the Research division of OCLC, I work on a number of programs and projects to help our partners maximize their impact and effectiveness for their respective insititutions.

At my former employer, the California Digital Library, I was instrumental in the development and deployment of the eScholarship Repository and the eScholarship Editions publishing services. I also managed the Metasearch Infrastructure Project, which crashed and burned. Buy me a drink and I'll tell you about it sometime..

Prior to joining the CDL, I created and managed the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE for the UC Berkeley Library, a digital library and support service for digital library developers. The Digital Library SunSITE was the incubation ground for The Librarian's Index to the Internet (now part of the Internet Public Library), KidsClick!, and Swish-e. Other services such as Libweb did not begin there, but were supported for a number of years there. Since the UC Berkeley Library is dismantling the SunSITE, I have rescued the Jack London Collection by moving it to a server at Sonoma State University, and the The Medieval and Classical Literature Library (formerly OMACL) by moving it to my personal server.

For more information on my career, please see my speaking and writing page, as well as my resume and/or my brief bio.