Fully Outfitted Expedition River Raft for Rent

Fully outfitted expedition river boat for
The boat in Lava Falls, Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Avon Professional Mark V in excellent condition with a welded steel rowing frame and a slant seat. Oars are 10 foot, 2 1/2" diameter ash oars -- the finest river boat oars available. You haven't lived until you've stood up on these and felt them flex at the end of your stroke. Additional equipment includes:

This boat makes an excellent oar boat, and is outfitted well for anything from a day trip to 18 days on the Colorado (see picture above). It does not make a good paddle boat, however, as it has both a bow and stern rise (this same symmetricality is an asset when one needs to punch through a wave while rowing backwards, something I've done a lot).

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